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Coyote Bioscience is dedicated to innovation in ease-of-use and portability with point-of-care testing, cancer assays, genetic testing pathogen detection, microbiome and life science tools.

We offer a line of portable laboratory instruments for researchers working in molecular testing in the US and diagnostic in China and labs around the globe. In addition, Coyote has an active research effort developing novel cancer and genetic assays for the RUO testing in the US and China coming in 2018.

Coyote Bioscience is now entering its third year serving our US partners and a gateway to potential partners in US and EU to work with Coyote Beijing to distribute our products or set up in our Clinical lab in China. Coyote US is a subsidiary of Coyote Bioscience Co., Ltd. based in Beijing China.

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Portable Laboratory Instruments

Dry Bath Systems

Coyote offers a range of precision dry bath systems operating at temperatures from 0°C to 100°C. Select models also have built-in timers from 1-minute up to 24-hours. And our unique interchangeable block system allows each unit to hold tubes from 0.2ml up through 96ml tubes


Coyote offers two portable cordless tissue grinders. Our 12000-rpm Model G20 is the perfect solution for DNA extraction. Our G50 grinder is an upgraded high-torque model with a power output 4-5 times larger than similar products.

Genetic Assay Development

Coyote US is working on several novel assays for genetic, cancer and microbiome testing. We are focused on developing easy to use assays that contain the entire components is a lyophilized mix for performing a qPCR and ddPCR assay in a single tube. The goal of all Coyotes test it to have the operator just add the diluent and the sample being tested.

This includes assays with a direct approach to testing that fully eliminates or greatly reduces sample prep by utilizing Coyote’s DirectDetect™ assay technology. The goal is to greatly reduce the number of steps and time required to achieve a final result that, in the end, reduces health care cost and speed up research. This approach will have a profound impact on labs who have automation and the cost associated with the pre-analytic steps.

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